Entrepreneur and owner of Barnehagebrødet AS. Kurt-Ivar Morsdal is currently working at a day-care centre as the educational supervisor of an outdoor group.

While working as a day-care teacher, Kurt has always remained committed to children's activity and diet. He has completed advanced studies in pedagogy at the lower primary school levels, educational counselling and nutritional counselling.

Kurt is often engaged as a speaker for, among other things, employees and parents groups in day-care and SFO (i.e. after-school activities) where topics include diet and nutrition. He also holds courses in the practical development of reference areas, children's play equipment, risk assessment, and the importance of the child's sensory-motor function.

2015-10-1310:22 Tone-Lise Lyngeng

After working several years in day-care, I observed that many day-care centres chose to buy bread with little fibre and containing many food additives, lots of salt and partially hydrogenated/saturated fat. This formed the basis of the idea and my interest in developing the perfect bread that is nutritionally healthy for children.

After two years of trial and error, the "perfect" bread was created in 2007. The "Barnehagebrødet" bread was developed in close collaboration with nutritionists and eventually in cooperation with Bakeriet AS, where the recipe for the bread was adapted to their production line.

To ensure the quality of Barnehagebrødet bread, a patent was registered for this brand name. In this way, we were able to safeguard that Barnehagebrødet bread is of high quality and that the recipe can only be changed based on dietary assessments.

Barnehagebrødet bread has been analysed by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, and thus, all claims regarding the bread have been well documented. In addition, Barnehagebrødet bread has been evaluated continuously, and the recipe has been improved based on nutritional considerations.

Kurt has a genuine desire for Barnehagebrødet bread to be the healthiest bread on the market and nutritionally innovative. See NEWS for more information.


Kurt Ivar Morsdal